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Introduction – Matt Friedman, Award Winning Public Speaker & CEO of The Mekong Club

What it is

Are your talks and presentations getting your message across effectively and making the kind of impact you want on your audience? In this workshop, Matt Friedman, CEO of The Mekong Club and award winning veteran speaker who is frequently invited to speak at major conferences around the world on topics related to human trafficking and slavery, will be sharing his insights from over 30 years of public speaking experience on how to use stories to deliver an impactful message.

Through this workshop, participants will learn the importance of using storytelling to inform, inspire and motivate audiences to act. You will gain an understanding of the difference between traditional presentations and storytelling, the power of a storytelling to convey your message, how to offer an effective story that will resonate with your audience, and what to include to craft a compelling story.

The workshop will be conducted in two halves: the first half features a 1 hour interactive presentation + Q&A, the second half is a 30 minutes group coaching session, where your team will have a chance to put their newly acquired storytelling skills into practice and get direct feedback from Matt and their team on how they can improve. All participants will receive a recording of the workshop and coaching session.

*Special Offer - Level Up Bundle*

From previous experience, we found that teams can really benefit from a follow up Group Coaching/Critique session with Matt after the initial 90mins Team Workshop. The follow up session, recommended to be taken 4 weeks after the initial workshop, gives participants a chance to put what they learnt into practice and for each team member to get constructive feedback on their own story from Matt and the group.

90 mins Workshop: 15,000 HKD

90 mins Workshop + 1 hour Follow up Group Coaching/Critique session (over 2 days)  : 20,000 HKD

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By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand how storytelling can be leveraged to communicate your message effectively
  • Be able to include this in future presentations
  • Be empowered to make an impact when it matters


Benefits for your team and business

Whether you are a change maker preparing for public speaking engagements, making a fundraising pitch for a social cause or getting stakeholders buy-in for a new project, storytelling enables you to communicate your message in an impactful way.

This leads to:

  • increase in audience engagement and conversion from awareness to action
  • increase in sales conversion/amount of funding raised
  • increase in impact made
  • improvement in team communication and performance
  • improvement in the effectiveness of your presentations


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What difference does it make?

Proceeds from this workshop goes towards supporting the work of The Mekong Club in fighting slavery and human trafficking.


The Mekong Club is one of the first not-for-profit organizations of its kind in Asia to use a ‘business-to-business’ approach to fight slavery. Bridging the gap between the public and private sectors, the Mekong Club helps companies of all sizes to understand the complexities of human trafficking and to reduce their vulnerability within their supply chains/business environment. Together with business partners, the Mekong Club is spearheading innovative and strategic projects to achieve a slave-free world.

Still deciding if this will be a good fit for your team?

Here is a talk that Matt Friedman gave The Marketing Society on his latest campaign 'Be the Hero, Be the Change':



"The workshop on public speaking and story telling with Tracy and Matt was not only a great way for us to practice our messaging and make it more compelling. It was also great opportunity for the team to step back and think through what it is that matters to them and what they bring to work every day.

Smaller organisations don’t always make space for moments like these to reflect on their purpose and what they are trying to achieve as a team. Working on story telling and the message we want to convey was certainly helpful and will give us food for thought as we continue our mission."

Gaëlle Loiseau
CEO, Shared Value Project Hong Kong


"Our team felt this training will completely change the way we do our presentations. We now recognize the power of story telling."

Project Manager, Amnesty International




Previous participants include:





Amnesty International logo


Ready to take your public speaking skills to the next level?

1 to 1 Coaching and Quarterly Group Coaching packages are also available by request.


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