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Introduction by Neelam Harjani – Yoga, Mindfulness and Corporate Wellness Coach

What it is

Would you like to bolster an individual inner calm and cultivate a healthy, mindful team that consistently perform at their best?

There is no denying that we are all experiencing high levels of stress as we face an unprecedented global situation. Stress and tension limits our ability to problem solve, communicate effectively and make decisions. This is why Neelam Harjani, Founder of Inspire Yoga, and a mindfulness, yoga and breathwork coach with over 20 years experience, designed a series of stress management and mindfulness workshops for improving workplace wellbeing based on traditional yoga principles.



The Inner Balance & Outer Resilience workshop is open for all levels and aims to relieve occupational tension and release anxiety.

In this 1 hour workshop*, Neelam Harjani will guide your team through an hour of tranquility, relaxation and positivity exercises designed specifically to lower stress levels.



The purpose of this workshop is for you to:

• Understand how yoga integrates body and mind using breathwork and relaxation, guided by an Energy healer and certified yoga teacher with 13 years of experience

• Learn techniques to release tension and listen to physical intelligence of the body

• Assess postural alignments to solve the habit of stiffness creation

• Gain strategies to attain optimal alignments in seated and standing positions

• Learn energy healing techniques to release tightness around the neck, shoulders and spinal column


*Available on site at your office or as an online live workshop.


Want to know more about what you can do to help your team prevent burnout? Get a free downloadable checklist with '12 Practical Wellness Tips for Thriving Teams' recommended by Neelam Harjani you can start implementing daily at work immediately.




By the end of the workshop, your team members will:

  • Understand the long term effects of stress and how to make simple lifestyle changes to ensure optimal balance in body and mind.
  • Introduce basic meditation techniques for mental clarity and freedom from tension.
  • Learn how to use practical ways of improving posture to enhance energy levels.
  • Appreciate the effect of information overload on the brain, decision making and mood
  • Experience deep relaxation and heightened energy levels

For the best results, we recommend the workshops to be taken weekly for 9 weeks consecutively.

Benefits for your team and business


Benefits of this workshop for your business include:

  • Improve overall mood and team happiness
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduce rates of burnout for your employees
  • Improve collaboration, communication and teamwork


What difference does it make?

Neelam's yoga and mindfulness workshops have proven to make significant positive impact on both team wellbeing and performance for corporate clients:

  • 35 % reported improvement in Sleep Quality
  • 53% reported a decrease in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • 75% reported alleviation of occupational tension and postural pains (common cause of employees not performing at their best even when present at work)
  • 62% reported reduction of anxiety markers such as heart palpitations

Other reported results include reduction in absenteeism (when employees take time off even when they are healthy), weight fluctuations, and an overall increase in job satisfaction and motivation levels.



Want to know more about what you can do to help your team prevent burnout? Get a free downloadable checklist with '12 Practical Wellness Tips for Thriving Teams' recommended by Neelam Harjani you can start implementing daily at work immediately.



"Neelam delivered a talk on stress management to our senior executives, it was highly beneficial to understand the different ways we hold stress and its effect on our health, in just one hour we felt a significant change, her mindfulness techniques left us all feeling relaxed and calm"
Luke Hickey, Pacific Prime Insurance

"Neelam has been helping our staff and faculty overcome physical stress, her programs are very popular and have been running for years with great results"

Christina Ng, Hong Kong University

"We had a 'digital detox' training with Neelam, it was well attended and from constantly being connected to our devices she gave us some insights of how to feel more empowered and live a balanced lifestyle"
Andrea Fletcher, Citi

"The session was extremely useful. Always wanted to learn the right way of breathing and this one hour helped me learn that. Neelam explained the concepts slowly and clearly without rushing through. My favourite portion was the practice session on proper breathing which was the core this training"
Vincent Chow, HSBC


Previous participants include:



Still deciding if this will be a good fit for your team?

Here is a talk Neelam gave at the Conscious Festival on how to heal chronic stress through mindfulness and yoga:


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