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Neelam Harjani is the founder of Inspire Yoga, operating in Hong Kong since 2011 with her vision of ‘providing an antidote for fast paced city life’ through personalized onsite programs of yoga and mindfulness.

“My work comes from a passion for personal transformation and with a phenomenal team of dedicated instructors we serve the benefits a mindful yoga practice to those suffering from chronic pain, postural misalignment, anxiety, fatigue and stress related conditions. As the author of “Secrets to Live Stress Free” my vision to create self-awareness as a starting point for balance, this has been well received by busy executives and high performing corporations. Previously an investment banker, I explain the mind-body paradigms with science and experience, taking an integrative approach of meditation, breathwork and posture to sustain energy levels, release occupational tension and connect with the positive power of the mind.

Having more than 20 years of experience in yoga I have formulated a system that draws attention to our intentions. Bringing out the need for silence during stressful times and how to nourish our energy by adopting values of harmony, acceptance and gratitude. I have seen personally how this shift in mindset has created space to let go of suppressed tightness and allow me to listen to my body to support a healthy lifestyle. As a mother of 2 young children I am dedicated to sharing the message of raising consciousness through yoga to provide the next generation techniques to free ourselves from judgment and create an inner balance from the over stimulus of the information age.

I strongly believes that a yoga practice is most beneficial it is integrative, connecting to restorative rhythms of the breath, body and mind. Mindfulness is essential for the poses to bring maximum benefit and can only be achieved in a private setting tailored to the individual’s exact needs at each moment. Inspire Yoga was born out of the philosophy that curating yoga sequences to a personal level will bring the most balance from the practice, when we are balanced our self-healing mechanisms are at optimal.”

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