About T for Teams

T for Teams is founded and curated by Tracy Tsang, Founder & CEO of Internet of Stories. After her own burnout experience as well as witnessing those around her going through similar things, she set out to make changes in the way entrepreneurs and Startups/SMEs prioritise wellbeing, growth and fulfilment, and educate them on the importance of a healthy thriving team when trying to get their teams to reach their full potential.

T for Teams workshops and experiences are curated to help teams prevent burnout while thriving with purpose. In partnership with world class purpose driven entrepreneurs, we offer high quality workshops and experiences online or in person in the categories of health & wellbeing, personal growth, creative mastery and social impact.

T for Teams is a curated team workshop and experience booking platform, connecting businesses looking to holistically empower their teams' wellbeing and performance with world class teaching and charity partners providing amazing workshops/experiences in the categories of wellbeing, personal growth, creative mastery and social impact.

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