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Learn the Secrets to Managing Stress – Neelam Harjani Workshop

How to keep your Stress Level Down
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Self-Awareness: The Precursor to Mindfulness – Neelam Harjani Workshop

Calm is a Superpower
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Take a Kindness Walk and help the homeless – Jeff Rotmeyer Experience

Kindness Matters
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Using Stories to Deliver An Impactful Message – Matt Friedman Workshop

Become a Compelling Speaker
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Inner Balance and Outer Resilience – Neelam Harjani Workshop

How to Prevent Burnout
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Transform Stress to Success in 9 weeks – Neelam Harjani Online Course

Develop your own daily yoga and mindfulness routine

Empower your Team

T for Teams provides a curated selection of high quality team workshops and experiences provided by world class teaching and charity partners. Whether your goal is improving your team's wellbeing, build a thriving team culture while doing something creative together, making positive social impact as a team, or help your team members transform into the best versions of themselves.

T for Teams is a curated team workshop and experience booking platform, connecting businesses looking to holistically empower their teams' wellbeing and performance with world class teaching and charity partners providing amazing workshops/experiences in the categories of wellbeing, personal growth, creative mastery and social impact.

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